• Adriana Ortiz is a contract private translator and interpreter.


Adriana Ortiz is a translation and interpretation service provider for Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Adriana grew up in both the United States and Mexico, and has a unique understanding of the latin culture that makes her a highly regarded professional in her field. Adriana began her career as an interpreter and translator in 2001 with Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc., a nationally-renowned criminal defense office. Working with dozens of attorneys in all areas of criminal law, Adriana developed her skills interpreting for clients in various environments including confidential attorney office meetings, detention facilities, government conferences, depositions and investigations. In addition, Adriana was called upon to translate letters, government documents and other written and recorded material.

In 2005, Adriana began working as an independent interpreter and translator in San Diego, specializing in legal services. She works with clients throughout California, offering services in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpreting as well as document translations and transcriptions.

To contact Adriana directly:

Tel: (619) 701-4704

email: adriana.ortiz@cox.net